The Overtime Touchdowns Scored By The Miami Dolphins

Prior to 1974, when the National Football League instituted an overtime policy, when a regular season game ended in a tie score it would just be counted as a tie game. This didn’t sit well with players or fans though and overtime was welcomed by most with open arms. Since overtime has come into play, the vast majority of games going past the fourth quarter have been decided by a field goal. Overtime touchdowns are another story and are not nearly that common.

While the Miami Dolphins have been involved in a number of overtime games, they have only scored two overtime touchdowns in their entire history (throught he 2010 season).

Sunday, December 14, 1986
The Miami Dolphins, sitting at 7-7 on the season, traveled to Anaheim to face the 9-5 Los Angeles Rams. The Dolphins got off to a great start, scoring three second quarter touchdowns and going into halftime with a 21-7 lead. The dangerous Rams came back though and at the end of regulations play it was all tied up at 31-31. In overtime though, Dan Marino would hit Mark Duper for a 20 yard touchdown, giving the Dolphins the 37-31 victory. Marino had a great game, throwing for more than 400 yards, and Duper caught a total of three touchdown passes.

Sunday, December 16, 2007
The Miami Dolphins were at home with an 0-13 record hosting the 4-9 Baltimore Ravens. After only managing a Jay Feely field goal in the first half, the Dolphins were down 13-3 at halftime. After Samkon Gado carried the ball into the end zone and Feely added two more field goals, the fourth quarter would end with the game all tied up at 16 apiece. Dolphins quarterback Cleo Lemon then hit receiver Greg Camarillo for a 64 yard touchdown pass that not only won the game, but also gave the Dolphins their first win of the season, upping their record to 1-13.

In the entire history of the Dolphins, only two players have scored overtime touchdowns: Mark Duper and Greg Camarillo. Both came on passing plays, one on the road and one at home.

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