The Packers: Before And After The Brett Favre Trade

The sporting world is drowning in news and talk about Brett Favre coming back out of retirement and either playing for the Green Bay Packers or forcing them to trade him to another team. What does Brett owe the Packers? What do the Packers owe Brett? What do both parties owe the fans or backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers who was promised the starting quarterback role after Favre initially retired?

Let’s leave that all behind though, and look at one fact regarding Brett Favre’s impact on the Green Bay Packers:

From the time that Packers’ legendary quarterback Bart Starr retired in 1972, until Brett Favre joined the team in 1992, the Packers managed to only win approximately 40% of their games and no titles. In the years that Brett Favre has been the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers they have won approximately 63% of their games. They have also won division and conference titles, as well as a Super Bowl title.

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