The Patriots’ Favorite Jets Player Ever

If A Patriots Fan Had A Favorite Jets Player, It’d Be Mo Lewis

Morris “Mo” Lewis was drafted in the third round of the 1991 NFL Draft by the New York Jets. Lewis had played collegiately at the University of Georgia and would go on to make three Pro Bowl appearances in the National Football League.

But, that’s not why Patriots fans should like him.

Lewis played his entire career with the team that drafted him, the New York Jets, and quickly became a fan favorite because of his all-out style of play. In fact, Lewis’ 200 career games as a Jet rank him third in team history in the category of games played.

But, that’s not why Patriots fans should like him.

Lewis, wearing number 57 for the Jets, scored five defensive Touchdowns during his NFL career. He also racked up 13 fumble recoveries and 14 interceptions for the Jets during those years.

But, that isn’t why Patriots fans should like him either.

Patriots’ fans should like Mo Lewis because of one play against them in an otherwise meaningless match-up. In a week two game between the New England Patriots and New York Jets during the 2001 season Mo Lewis would break through the Patriot offensive line and sack starting Quarterback Drew Bledsoe. Because of this hit, Bledsoe would suffer minor internal bleeding and have to leave the game. The Patriots were forced to turn to their backup Quarterback, a late round selection out of the University of Michigan, Tom Brady. Brady would go on to lead the Patriots to three Super Bowl victories in four years; garnering two Super Bowl MVP Awards for himself along the way.

Without the help of Mo Lewis, would any of that happened?

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