The Raiders Great Monday Night Football Team Rushing Performance

In the Monday Night Football game that followed Thanksgiving weekend in 1987, the Los Angeles Raiders would put on a team rushing performance that few teams could or have equaled.  The Raiders were on the road that day, having traveled to the Pacific Northwest to play the Seattle Seahawks in the Kingdome.  Coming into the game, the Raiders were 3-7 and did not have a lot to play for.  The Seahawks on the other hand were 7-3 and having a very good year in a tough AFC West.

When the game would end, the Raiders had come out on top by the score of 37-14 and had done so by running all over the Seahawks at will.  Four different running backs had carried the ball at least six times for the Raiders and phenom Bo Jackson had contributed to two plays that would be seen over and over in highlight films.  While the Raiders defense had held Seattle runners to just 37 yards on 16 carries, their offense had racked up 356 yards rushing on 50 carries.

The Raiders rushers who contributed to that amazing stat that night:

Bo Jackson:  18 carries for 221 yards and two touchdowns.

Marcus Allen:  18 carries for 76 yards.

Vance Mueller:  Six carries for 43 yards.

Steve Stracan:  Six carries for 12 yards.

Marc Wilson:  Two carries for four yards.

Bo Jackson’s day included a 91 yard touchdown run that took him through the end zone and up the players’ tunnel, as well as a famous meeting between him and Brian Bosworth at the goal line that resulted in six points being scored for the Raiders and the Boz being placed flat on his backside.

50 carries for 356 yards… that is total domination.

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