The Retired Jersey Numbers Of The Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a long and interesting history in the National Football League.  The team is noted for having a blue collar attitude in a city that can be a little bit intimidating for those visiting from out of town.  Over the years, the Eagles have had great players, played in big games, and won multiple championships.

The players who have played for the Eagles have been some of the NFL‘s greatest of all time.  Like most teams, Philadelphia honors it’s best and those who have meant a lot to the franchise and the fans, by retiring their jersey number.  Here is a look at the jersey numbers retired by the Philadelphia Eagles.

#15 – Steve Van Buren – Running Back/Safety – (1944-51)

#40 – Tom Brookshier – Defensive Back – (1953-61)

#44 – Pete Retzlaff – Running Back/Wide Receiver – (1956-66)

#60 – Chuck Bednarik – Center/Linebacker – (1949-62)

#70 – Al Wistert – Offensive Lineman – (1943-51)

#92 – Reggie White – Defensive Lineman – (1985-92)

#99 – Jerome Brown – Defensive Lineman – (1987-91)

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