The Rookies Who Have Ran For 100 Yards Against The Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons came into the NFL in the late 1960’s and though it took awhile for them to become one of the better teams they eventually broke out of the bottom part of the league and became a familiar name to see near the top. Running backs have a lot of pressure on the, especially when they are rookies. How many rookies have had 100 yard games against the Falcons over the years?

The Falcons have given up 29 100 yard games to 27 different rookie running backs since they became a team.

Fun Facts:

-In 1996 while playing with the Rams, Lawrence Phillips became the first rookie to rush for 100 yards against the Falcons twice in one year. Nine years later while playing for the Buccaneers Cadillac Williams would also accomplish that.

-The youngest rookie running back to ever break the 100 yard mark against the Falcons was Barry Sanders when he did it in 1989 at the age of 21 years and 161 days.

-The oldest rookie running back to ever have a 100 yard game against the Falcons is Mike Anderson of the Broncos who accomplished it at the age of 26 years and 355 days.

-The first rookie to ever rush for 100 or more yards against the Falcons was Larry Brown of the Redskins in 1969.

-On December 5th, 2010, LeGarrette Blount of the Buccaneers had a 100 yard game against the Falcons on his birthday.

-Some of the notable names to reach the 100 yard mark against the Falcons as rookies include LeGarrette Blount, Larry Brown, Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, Eddie George, Terry Metcalf, Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, and Barry Sanders.

-The most rushing yards a rookie has ever put up on the Falcons is the 178 accumulated by William Green in 2002 for the Cleveland Browns.

-The Falcons have twice given up 100 yard games to rookies on the opening day of the season. The first player to do it was future Hall of Famer Earl Campbell in 1978 and the second player to do it was Adrian Peterson in 2007.

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