The San Francisco 49ers Have Winning Records Against 17 Teams!

One of the more fun ways to measure how successful a certain team is, is to see how they match up head-to-head with other teams in the league. In the National Football League, one of the most successful and popular teams around is the San Francisco 49ers. Which NFL teams do the 49ers have great records against?

There is only one current NFL team that the 49ers are undefeated against and that is the Houston Texans who they are 1-0 against.

Here is a list of all of the NFL teams that the 49ers had winning records against as of the end of the 2008 NFL season:

Houston Texans – 1-0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 15-3
New York Jets – 9-2
Cincinnati Bengals – 8-3
New Orleans Saints – 45-23-2
Tennessee Titans – 7-4
New England Patriots – 7-4
Atlanta Falcons – 44-27-1
Philadelphia Eagles – 16-10-1
Washington Redskins – 14-9-1
Kansas City Chiefs – 6-4
Dallas Cowboys – 14-10-1
Detroit Lions – 33-26-1
San Diego Chargers – 6-5
Arizona Cardinals – 19-16
Pittsburgh Steelers – 10-9

Just an FYI… the team that the San Francisco 49ers have the worst head-to-head record against is the Jacksonville Jaguars who they have a record of 0-2 against.

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