The Stadiums The Buffalo Bills Have Called Home Over The Years

The Buffalo Bills came into professional football in 1960 as one of the original teams of the American Football League. They have had a long and successful stint in pro football and have some of the most loyal fans in the league. Over the past fifty seasons, the team has grown to be not only a very important part of the NFL, but a very important part of the city of Buffalo.

They have had some great players over the years, including quarterbacks Jack Kemp, Joe Ferguson, and Jim Kelly. Running backs like O.J. Simpson, Joe Cribbs, and Thurman Thomas have left their mark on the league for the team too. When it comes to receivers, the team has had their fair share of good ones too, including Andre Reed, Peerless Price, Pete Metzelaars, and Don Beebe. On the defensive side of the ball, great players have roamed there too including Shane Conlan, Cornelius Bennett, Fred Smerlas, and Bruce Smith.

The Bills have had some successful years too, including that famous stretch where they went to four straight Super Bowls.

Here is a look at the stadiums that the team has called home over the years.

1960-1972 – War Memorial Stadium
War Memorial Stadium had been built in 1937 and by the time the Bills began play there it was well past its prime. The team would stay there throughout its existence in the American Football League and the fans would lovingly refer to it as The Rockpile. More than a decade and a half after the Bills left it in 1972, War Memorial Stadium would be demolished.

1973-Present – Ralph Wilson Stadium
When the AFL-NFL Merger of 1970 was agreed upon, one of the stipulations was that all teams would have stadiums capable of seating at least 50,000 fans. At the time, the Bills played in War Memorial Stadium which had a maximum capacity of about 46,000. Ralph Wilson Stadium, known as Rich Stadium for its first 25 years, was opened in 1973 and has been home to the Bills ever since. It has gone through a number of upgrades and renovations over the years, and today is very highly thought of by locals and those from around the league. It seats approximately 73,000 in its current configuration.

***For one game a year since 2008, the Bills have called Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario their home field.

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