The Top Five Seattle Seahawks Rushing Leaders

The Seattle Seahawks came into the NFL as an expansion team in 1976.  They had a rough road during their first few years in the league, but then began experience several different eras of success.  Running backs have been a big part of the team’s history, like they are for every team in the NFL.  Who have been the best though?

Here are the top five career rushing leaders in Seattle Seahawks history.

#5 – Ricky Watters – 4,009 Yards
Ricky Watters had starred for the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles in the 1990s and many had thought he was at the end of the road when he made his way to Seattle.  He would have three productive years though for the team from 1998 to 2001 and would finish his time with the team with 4,009 rushing yards.

#4 – John L. Williams – 4,579 Yards
John L. Williams was one of the essential players on a team that achieved moderate success in the late 1980s.  He played fullback most of the time and usually shared the backfield with a more used running back like Curt Warner or Chris Warren.  He had great receiving skills out of the backfield and would finish his time with the team (1986-1993) with 4,579 rushing yards.

#3 – Curt Warner – 6,705 Yards
Curt Warner came out of Penn State University in the early 1980s and made a huge impact.  A severe knee injury interrupted his career, but he would recover and come back to do very well for the team, playing for the Seahawks from 1983 to 1989.  His rushing total at the end of this time was 6,705 yards.

#2 – Chris Warren – 6,706 Yards
Chris Warren played for the Seahawks from 1990 to 1997 and would leave the team having passed Curt Warner by one yard to become the Seahawks all time rushing leader.  Warren left the Seahawks having gained 6,706 yards on the ground for the team.

#1 – Shaun Alexander – 9.429 Yards
The all time rushing leader in Seahawks history is a player who will be remembered as one of the best.  Shaun Alexander Not only ran for 9,429 yards for Seattle, but scored an amazing 100 rushing touchdowns from 2000 to 2007.  His team record will stand for a long time indeed.

Other Seahawks running backs that have gained more than 1,000 yards rushing during their career with the team include Sherman Smith, Maurice Morris, Dan Doornink, Julius Jones, Derrick Fenner, David Hughes, Lamar Smith, David Hughes, and David Sims.

Three quarterbacks have gained 1,000 or more rushing yards for the Seahawks:  Jim Zorn (1,491), Matt Hasselbeck (1,099), and Dave Krieg (1,090).

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