The Top Ten New England Patriots Quarterbacks By Wins

The New England Patriots have established themselves in the last decade or two as one of the top teams in the National Football League. Previous to that, there were some up and down years for the franchise. They have been somewhat lucky over the years to have a good amount of stability at the quarterback position.

Tom Brady is the starting quarterback right now and is one of the best to every play the position, not just for the Patriots, but in NFL history. He has a lot of skills and has been blessed with a lot of talent around him. Based on his massive success, it is obvious that he is the winningest quarterback in team history. Who though are the top ten quarterbacks in terms of wins as a starter that the team has ever had? Here are those top ten players based on wins through the 2009 season.

#1 – 97 Wins
Seated comfortably at the top is Tom Brady. He came out of Michigan and after a short time holding the clipboard he got into the game because of an injury to the starter. He has never looked back and has been a key member of three Super Bowl winning teams.

#2 – 75 Wins
In the second spot is a man that was known for his running ability in his early days and for his poise as a seasoned veteran. He would end up helping the team make it to their first Super Bowl in the mid 1980’s. Steve Grogan sits at number two on the list.

#3 – 63 Wins
Drew Bledsoe is the owner of the number three spot. He came out of Washington State University and helped the team have a good deal of success during the 1990’s, despite the fact that he never had incredible talent around him. He even helped the Patriots reach their second ever Super Bowl.

#4 – 44 Wins
The first star player the Patriots had at the quarterback position played there from 1961 to 1967. He was number one on the list of wins as a starter for the Patriots until topped by Steve Grogan in the early 1980’s. Babe Parilli now sits in the number four spot.

#5 – 28 Wins
Sitting in fifth with 28 career wins as a Patriots starting quarterback is a player who played for the team during its first Super Bowl and saw time as both a backup and a starter. This position on the list belongs to Tony Eason.

#6 – 23 Wins
Great things were expected out of this quarterback when he was drafted with the first pick in 1971. He came out of Stanford, and though he would go on to win two Super Bowls wearing the silver and black of the Raiders, his time with New England was not so memorable. The number six all time winning quarterback for the team is Jim Plunkett.

#7 – 10 Wins
The amazing thing about the player holding this spot on the list is that he was only the starting quarterback for one season, yet he still rates this high in team history. Due to an injury to Tom Brady, the number seven spot on the list belongs to Matt Cassel.

#8a – 8 Wins (Tie)
We have a tie for the number eight spot on the list. This player came along after Babe Parilli and before Jim Plunkett. His overall record as the starting quarterback for the team right before the AFL-NFL merger was not so great, but it is still good enough for number eight on this list. It belongs to Mike Taliaferro.

#8b – 8 Wins (Tie)
This player actually had two stints playing for the New England Patriots. The first came in the late 1980’s and he would suit up again for them in 2005. In between he was one of the best quarterbacks the Canadian Football League had ever seen. Also at number eight on the list is Boston College product, Doug Flutie.

#10 – 7 Wins
This player probably didn’t know what to expect when he signed on to be the first quarterback the team would ever have. Back then they played in the AFL and were known as the Boston Patriots. He only spent two seasons with the team, but the last spot on the list still belongs to Butch Songin.

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