The Top Ten Winningest Quarterbacks In Rams History

The Rams are one of the older franchises in the National Football League and date back to their days in Cleveland. They also played for a significant time in Los Angeles before moving to St. Louis in the mid-1990’s. Like most teams, they have had both good and bad years during their time in the league, but they have generally been successful for a time in each of the locations they have played.

Part of being successful in the NFL is having a good quarterback. While a team can have a good year or two with an average or above average quarterback, for them to experience any kind of long term success they should aim to have a good quarterback for a number of years. Who have been the best quarterbacks in Rams history? Here are the top ten quarterbacks the Rams have ever had, ranked by how many wins they have gotten as the starter.

#1 – Roman Gabriel – 74 Wins

#2 – Jim Everett – 46 Wins

#3 – Norm Van Brocklin – 42 Wins

#4 – Marc Bulger – 41 Wins

#5 (tie) – Pat Haden – 35 Wins
#5 (tie) – Kurt Warner – 35 Wins

#7 – Vince Ferragamo – 26 Wins

#8 – James Harris – 21 Wins

#9 – John Hadl – 15 Wins

#10 (tie) – Bob Waterfield – 14 Wins
#10 (tie) – Tony Banks – 14 Wins

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