The Top Ten Winningest Quarterbacks In San Francisco 49ers History

The San Francisco 49ers are a great NFL franchise that has experienced ups and downs throughout their team history. The team had some long dry spells, but have also spent a great deal of time at or near the top of the league as well. The large amount of big games they have been involved in speaks to how significant the franchise is to the league.

One of the hallmarks of the 49ers has been the great quarterbacks the team has had over the years. Quarterbacks are not 100% responsible for wins and losses, but through the year 2009, who are the top ten 49ers quarterbacks in history based on the amount of wins as a starting quarterback?

#1 – 100 Wins
A nice even 100 wins and the top spot is reserved for one of the greatest 49ers players ever, not to mention one of the most popular football players of his era and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the great Joe Montana.

#2 – 91 Wins
He spent time as a backup, just waiting for his chance to shine and when it came he made the most of it. Coming in at number two on the list is another member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Steve Young.

#3 – 74 Wins
He quarterbacked for the 49ers for 17 seasons, rewriting the team record book for years to come. The number three spot is the exclusive property of John Brodie.

#4 – 45 Wins
Another great San Francisco 49ers quarterback from the old days sits at number four on this list. He not only starred in the Bay Area, but he also played very well later for the New York Giants, Y.A. Tittle.

#5 – 35 Wins
Before coming to San Francisco, this player had played football north of the border in Canada. After his time with the team he saw action on the rosters of a number of other franchises and consistently put up good numbers. The number five position here belongs to Jeff Garcia.

#6 – 16 Wins
Highly touted and highly drafted, coming in at the sixth all time winning quarterback in 49ers history is a player that has not experienced the success that fans and the front office had hoped he would, Alex Smith.

#7 Tie – 13 Wins
He was the first starting quarterback that the team ever had. He started playing with the team during their first season in the old All American Football Conference. Tied for the number seven spot is Frankie Albert.

#7 Tie – 13 Wins
He was a great college quarterback who never really found his stride in the National Football League. Regardless of that, he would go on to experience huge success in football. Tied with Frankie Albert at number seven is the Ol’ Ball Coach himself, Steve Spurrier.

#9 – 11 Wins
He was a Heisman Trophy winner and a product of a local college football program. He was highly drafted by an east coast NFL team and after not getting the results out of him they wanted, the 49ers took him in for two seasons. He would eventually win a pair of Super Bowl titles across the bay. Sitting at number nine on the list is Jim Plunkett.

#10 – 10 Wins
He has come in off the bench, held the clipboard, and even spent time as the starting quarterback. He has actually proven to be a fairly accurate quarterback during his short time in the league. The tenth winningest starting quarterback in San Francisco 49ers history is Shaun Hill.

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