The Winningest New York Jets Quarterbacks Of All Time

The New York Jets are a great NFL franchise that has one of the best fan followings in the league. They have had up and down years since they were founded in the first year of the AFL in 1960, but they seem to be in the middle of a good streak at the moment. Over time, some very good players have played the position of quarterback for the team. Who has won the most starts as quarterback of the New York Jets though?

It isn’t always the quarterback’s fault when a team wins or loses a game, but they seem to get more of the credit and more of the blame for each situation. The quality of coaching and the amount of talent they have around them are huge factors though. Sometimes though, it is just interesting to look at the results of a question like this.

Here is a look at the top ten quarterbacks in Jets history based on how many wins they earned as a starter, through the 2009 NFL season.

#1 – 60 Wins
He hasn’t played for the team since 1976, but still the team leaders in wins as a starting quarterback is Pro Football Hall of Fame member Joe Namath.

#2 – 50 Wins
Generally regarded as the second most successful quarterback in Jets history, the number two spot on the list belongs to Ken O’Brien.

#3 – 42 Wins
He quarterbacked the Jets during one of the long down times in the league, but regardless of that he had a lot of talent and played in some big games. The number three spot on the list belongs to Richard Todd.

#4 – 35 Wins
A fan favorite, this quarterback had two different stints on the roster of the Jets. He is the first quarterback on the list to have an above .500 record as a starter for the Jets. In at number four is Vinny Testaverde.

#5 – 32 Wins
The first more recent entry on the list belongs to a quarterback that was very successful until injuries took their toll on him. Spot number five is reserved for Chad Pennington.

#6 – 15 Wins
A great quarterback who often didn’t have a lot to work with while with the Jets, the number six spot belongs to Boomer Esiason.

#7 – 13 Wins
He quarterbacked for the team when they were known as the Titans. He was actually the first starting quarterback the franchise ever had. All those years ago and the number seven spot belongs to Al Dorow.

#8 – 11 Wins
He played 12 seasons with the Jets, played in 127 games, but only had 19 starts. Though he most often came off the bench in the role of backup, sitting in the number eight spot on the list is Pat Ryan.

#9 – 10 Wins
He played five seasons of football in the AFL, spending time on the rosters of five different teams, including the San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, and Miami Dolphins. He was the starting quarterback for two full seasons for the Jets and the number nine spot belongs to Dick Wood.

#10 – 9 Wins
A great deal more famous for the many records he set and the great success he had as the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, even though he only played for the team for one season, the number ten spot is reserved for Brett Favre.

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