The Winningest Quarterbacks In Cleveland Browns History

The Cleveland Browns entered pro football as a member of the All-American Football Conference in 1946. They remained in that league for four seasons, winning the championship each year. They then entered the NFL in 1950 and have had an up and down existence ever since.

Through that time, a number of players have suited up and taken the field as the team’s starting quarterback. Which of them though is the winningest quarterback in Cleveland Browns history?

Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks With The Most Wins

Otto Graham – 57

Brian Sipe – 57

Bernie Kosar – 53

Frank Ryan – 52

Bill Nelsen – 34

Milt Plum – 33

Mike Phipps – 24

Tim Couch – 22

Vinny Testaverde – 16

Derek Anderson – 16

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