The Worst Season In Miami Dolphins History

Football fans can easily point to or argue about what season was the best that their favorite team ever had, but few want to even think about their team’s worst season ever.

The Miami Dolphins came into the league in 1966 and despite struggling during their first few years, they rose to the top with back-to-back Super Bowl wins in the early 1970s. The worst season the team has ever had though came in more recent years, 2007 to be exact.

After two disappointing seasons, much hyped head coach Nick Saban left pro football to return to coaching at the college level. Cam Cameron came on as the new coach in 2007 and with him came a number of other changes too. The starting quarterback position was a mess with three different players starting at least four games; Cleo Lemon, Trent Green, and John Beck. The running and passing games both suffered from injuries and poor production, and the defense was ranked at the bottom or in the bottom half of the league in most categories.

The team began the year with a three point loss to the Washington Redskins. This close game may have given some hope that the team was going to be competitive, but just 13 weeks later, with a record of 0-13, there were few people in Miami that could be described as hopeful.

Then it happened. Sunday, December 16th 2007 against the visiting Baltimore Ravens, the 2007 Miami Dolphins got their first win of the season. Late in the fourth quarter the game was tied 16-16 and then quarterback Cleo Lemon hooked up with Grag Camarillo for a 64 yard touchdown pass and the win. The leading rusher for the Dolphins in the game was Samkon Gado who carried the ball 18 times for 43 yards and one touchdown. The leading receiver was Camariloo who caught three balls for 109 yards and one touchdown. Lemon put together one of his better outings at quarterback that year going 23 of 39 for 315 yards and one touchdown.

Just like their first 13 games that year, the Dolphins would go on to lose their last two games of the season to and finish with a franchise worst record of 1-15. Six of the Dolphins 15 losses that year were decided by three points or less including three point losses to the Redskins, Jets, Texans, Giants, Bills, and Steelers. The biggest blowout they had to endure during that horrible season was a 27 point loss to the rival New York Jets at home, that game ending with a final score of 40-13.

All things being related, sometimes it takes an awful season to appreciate the better than average and great seasons in sports. The Dolphins worst season ever happened fairly recently, but at least it is in the past.

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