Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly Uniforms

Trends affect many things in life and sports is no different. Most uniform design can be labeled in one of three categories: 1. Old School (think Penn State football), 2. Modern/Edgy (think Atlanta Falcons football), and 3. Ridiculous. But, what are some examples of that third category, ridiculous?

Here’s a great article on the six ugliest uniforms ever in sports. Some may say that there is a fine line between being fashionable and being unfashionable, but this article shows that the line has been crossed on numerous occasions.

Of the six they list, I actually don’t mind the second one as it has a modern look to it and I think qualifies itself as edgy. The third one listed is the old Houston Astros baseball uniforms, you know the ones with the horizontal shades of orange going across the player’s midsection. This happens to be a favorite uniform of mine, I think it might be more for nostalgic reasons, as there is part of my brain that does say “yep, that was pretty ugly”.

The remaining four ugly uniforms on this list brought to us by Cisco Athletic… I don’t think anyone can argue with… and some just have to be seen to believed.

Our vote for uniforms left off the list?

First – The original Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform:

Tampa Bay Creamsicles

Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely something nostalgic about that uniform, but there is equally something wrong with making large, aggressive, grown men dress up like orange creamsicles.

Second – The Orlando Thunder of the World League of American Football

Orlando Thunder Helmet

Orlando Thunder... yech!

Based on this uniform alone, the city of Orlando may never see professional football come to their town again.


  1. Will says:

    lol, i still have some of those WLAF trading cards…..they’re worth keeping just for the uniforms.

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