What College Have The Cincinnati Bengals Drafted The Most Players From?

The NFL Draft is an exciting time of the year for most football fans. College football fans get to see where their favorite players will be moving on to in the pros. NFL fans get to see who their favorite team is going to add to their roster. Fans of both are in the best of both worlds.

The Cincinnati Bengals came into pro football in 1968 as a member of the American Football League just two seasons before the AFL-NFL merger of 1970. In all that time, what college have they drafted the most players from?

Through 2010, the college in 3rd place is the Miami Hurricanes who have had 11 players drafted by the Bengals over the years. In second place with 12 players taken are the Michigan Wolverines. The number one spot on the list should not surprise too many people as it really does make sense. The college that the Bengals have drafted more players out of than any where else is the home state Ohio State Buckeyes.

Here is a look at the 15 players the Bengals have taken from Ohio State over the years:

1969 – Steve Howell – TE – 10th Round

1970 – Nick Roman – LB – 10th Round

1971 – Mark Debevc – LB – 16th Round

1972 – Tom DeLeone – C – 5th Round

1976 – Archie Griffin – RB – 1st Round

1976 – Ken Kuhn – LB – 7th Round

1976 – Tom Klaban – K – 10th Round

1976 – Scott Dannelley – G – 17th Round

1977 – Pete Johnson – RB – 2nd Round

1978 – Ray Griffin – DB – 2nd Round

1983 – Gary Williams – WR – 11th Round

1987 – Sonny Gordon – DB – 6th Round

1993 – Steve Tovar – LB – 3rd Round

1994 – Dan Wilkinson – DT – 1st Round

1994 – Jeff Cothran – RB – 3rd Round

Notable Info:

-Although they have drafted more players out of Ohio State than any other college, from the 1995 NFL Draft through the 2010 NFL Draft, they have taken no players from that college.

-In 1976, the Bengals draft four different players out of Ohio State. Some colleges are lucky to get four players taken in the draft, but the Buckeyes had four go to the same NFL team.

-The highest the Bengals have taken anyone in the NFL Draft from Ohio State is with the first overall pick in the draft, they did this in 1994 with Dan Wilkinson.

-The first player they ever took out of Ohio State was a tight end. They then never again drafted a tight end from there.

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