What College Have The New York Jets Drafted From The Most?

The New York Jets had some successful years in the late 1960s and early 1970s, then again later in the franchise’s history as well. Like most teams, the Jets have largely been built through the NFL Draft. What college though have the Jets drafted from the most?

Over the years, the New York Jets have drafted 25 players from Penn State University.

The players taken by the Jets from Penn State:

Lance Mehl
Harry Hamilton
Mickey Shuler
Kyle Brady
Dick Wilson
Don Jonas
Dennis Onkotz
Jim Smith
Terry Monaghan
Randy Sidler
Bruce Bannon
Neil Hutton
Eric Cunningham
Rogers Alexander
Sid Lewis
Roger Duffy
Lew Benfatti
Kareem McKenzie
Jim Kerr
John Ebersole
Ralph Baker
Greg Buttle
Pete Liske
Richie Anderson
Blair Thomas

The second place college isn’t even close. The college with the next most players drafted out of it by the Jets is the University of Michigan with 13 players.

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