What College Have The Seahawks Drafted From The Most?

Teams draft based on talent. They are looking for the players that will help them the most. It is interesting sometimes though to see which college a team has drafted from the most. The Seattle Seahawks came into the league in 1976, the same year as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since then, what college have they drafted from the most?

The college with the most players drafted by the Seahawks is: The University of Miami.

The twelve players from Miami that have been drafted by Seattle are:

Baraka Atkins
Kelly Jennings
Carlos Jones
Anthony Hamlet
Cortez Kennedy
Brian Blades
Derwin Jones
Darryl Oliver
David Jefferson
George Halas
Ernie Jones
Larry Bates

The college with the second most players selected by the Seattle Seahawks is the University of Washington with 10.

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