What Non-Quarterback Has Thrown The Most Touchdown Passes In Cincinnati Bengals History?

Starting Lineup
Creative Commons License photo credit: Navin75

For many football fans, there are few things more beautiful than a long touchdown pass from the quarterback to the wide receiver or tight end who is streaking down the field. Over the years, the Cincinnati Bengals have had a number of great quarterbacks making these plays, including Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason, Jeff Blake, Jon Kitna, and Carson Palmer. Other players on the team can thrown touchdown passes too.

Non-quarterbacks usually throw touchdown passes as part of a trick play like a fake punt or halfback option pass. Who though leads the Cincinnati Bengals in career touchdown passes as a non-quarterback.

One non-quarterback player has thrown one touchdown pass as a Bengals player and that man is former running back James Brooks.

Two players though sit above him as each of them, though not playing the position of quarterback, were able to throw two touchdown passes for the Bengals. They are running back Archie Griffin threw two touchdown passes for the team in the late 1970’s and then punter Lee Johnson threw two touchdown passes for the team in the early 1990’s.

Quarterbacks get all of the glory, but sometimes some of the most exciting plays come when someone else on the team throws the touchdown pass. These plays don’t happen everyday, as shown by the short list for the Bengals up above, but Archie Griffin and Lee Johnson sit atop the list for Cincinnati.

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