What Non-Quarterback Has Thrown The Most Touchdowns For The Buffalo Bills

When football fans usually think of touchdown passes, they think either of strong armed quarterbacks or sure handed receivers. These are the players that make the touchdown pass one of the most exciting play in football. There is another type of football pass that may be more exciting though and that is one that is thrown by a non-quarterback. This sometimes happens on fourth down, it sometimes involves a punt or kick being faked, but it always involves an element of surprise.

The Buffalo Bills are a very popular team that has been in pro football since 1960. Some great players have thrown touchdown passes for them over the years, including Jim Kelly, Joe Ferguson, Jack Kemp, Doug Flutie, and Drew Bledsoe. What player leads the team though in touchdown passes thrown by a non-quarterback?

Through 2009, the only non-quarterback for the Bills to ever throw more than one touchdown pass is punter Brian Moorman. He has two touchdown passes to his credit so far.

Other Bills players who did not play quarterback and who have thrown a touchdown pass for the team include O.J. Simpson, Joe Cribbs, Tom Sherman, Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, and Preston Ridlehuber.

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