What Team Do The Arizona Cardinals Have The Best Record Against?

The Arizona Cardinals have only been in the Southwest since the late 1980’s, but they are one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League. They have had an up and down history with both successful times and not so successful times. During that time though, who do they have the best record against?

The highest winning percentage the Cardinals have against any team in the league is .591. They achieved this by going 13-9 in their history against the Seattle Seahawks. In second place is the Atlanta Falcons who the Cardinals have a 14-10 record against, or a winning percentage of .583.

Other notable info (through the 2009 season):

-The worst head to head record that the Cardinals have is 0-7-1. This is a winning percentage of just .063 and comes against the Denver Broncos.

-Due in part to their long history together, the team the Cardinals have scored the most points against is the Washington Redskins at 2,223.

-Overtime came to the NFL in 1974, and before that it wasn’t uncommon for the occasional game to end in a tie. The team that the Cardinals have tied the most is the Chicago Bears and they’ve done it a total of six times.

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