Who Do The Atlanta Falcons Have The Best Winning Record Against?

The Atlanta Falcons came into pro football in 1966. They had a rough first decade, but after that seemed to climb up to being a more respectable team. They would still experience hard times over the years before proving to be one of the harder teams to beat during the 1990’s.

Over their entire existence, what team do the Falcons have their best win-loss record against?

Through the 2009 NFL season, the Falcons are 7-1 when playing games against the San Diego Chargers. That is a winning percentage of .875.

Some other notable info about the wins and losses of the Atlanta Falcons:

-Though they have a great record against the Chargers, Atlanta only has an above .500 winning percentage against four teams other than San Diego: Buffalo (6-4), Carolina (18-12), New Orleans (44-37), and the Jets (6-4). Every other team in the league either has a winning or tied record when playing against the Falcons.

-At 1,765, the Falcons have scored more points against the Saints than they have against any other team over the course of their history.

-Their worst franchise head to head record is 1-13, this comes against the Indianapolis Colts.

-Atlanta has played in six tie games during their history; two against the Rams, and one each against the Eagles, Steelers, 49ers, and Redskins.

-There are four teams that the Falcons have only beaten once during their existence: the Ravens (1-2), Texans (1-1), Colts (1-13), and Jaguars (1-3).

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