Who Has Had The Most 1,000 Yard Rushing Seasons For The Buffalo Bills?

The Buffalo Bills came into professional football in 1960 with the rest of the original American Football League teams. They have had some up and down seasons over the years and have one of the more loyal fan bases in the league. During their time in pro football they have had great defensive players, quarterbacks, and receivers. They have also had some great running backs. Through the 2009 season, which of those though has rushed for more 1,000 yard seasons for the team than anyone else?

Thurman Thomas is far and away the team leader in 1,000 yard seasons. As an integral part of the Bills teams that went to four straight Super Bowls, Thomas put together eight different 1,000 yard seasons during his time with the team. This puts him ahead of fellow Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson who had five 1,000 yard seasons for the Bills. Other Bills running backs to pass that milestone multiple times include Joe Cribbs who did it three times and Travis Henry, Willis McGahee, and Marshawn Lynch who each did it twice. Five other Bills running backs have had one 1,000 yard season apiece, they are Cookie Gilchrist, Terry Miller, Greg Bell, Antowain Smith, and Fred Jackson.

Thurman Thomas is held in high esteem by both fans of the Bills as well as fans of the NFL in general. He was not only amazingly productive, but also consistent as his eight 1,000 yard rushing seasons came in eight straight seasons. He sits alone at the top of this list of great Bills running backs.

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