Who Has Led The Cardinals In Rushing The Most Times?

Running backs are one of the important positions on a football team. Finding a good one and then holding onto them for years can make a big difference in the wins and losses a team has. Finding a running back that can be extremely productive and durable to handle the pounding over a number of seasons can be tough though. How have the Arizona Cardinals done in that department? Who has led the Cardinals in rushing the most times?

-Five different Cardinals running backs have led the team in rushing for three seasons: Jim Otis, Stump Mitchell, Johnny Johnson, Marcel Shipp, and Edgerin James.

-Three players have led the Cardinals in rushing for four seasons: Marshall Goldberg (1939-42), Charlie Trippi (1948, 1951-53), and John David Crow (1959-60, 1962, 1964).

-Hall of Famer Ollie Matson led the Cardinals in rushing for five seasons, from 1954 through 1958.

-No one has led the Cardinals organization in rushing for more seasons than Ottis Anderson though who did it six times, from 1979 through 1984.

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