Who Has Scored The Most Overtime Touchdowns In Chicago Bears History?

The NFL added overtime to the league in 1974.  Before that, when a game ended regulation play with a tie score it just went down as a tie game.  Most overtimes end with a kicker kicking a field goal because it is the safest thing to try should a team get down on the other end of the field.  Every once in awhile players do get to score touchdown in overtime.

The Chicago Bears have been around since the early days of the National Football League.  Since the overtime rule was put into play in 1974, who has scored the most overtime touchdowns for the Bears?

Five players have scored one overtime touchdown while wearing a Bears uniform.  In order of how they occurred they are Dave Williams in 1980, Neal Anderson in 1990, Jim Harbaugh in 1991, Charles Tillman in 2005, and Devin Aromashodu in 2009.

One Chicago Bears player though has scored two overtime touchdowns, one more than anyone else.  Defensive back Mike Brown had a great year in 2001, a year that included two overtime touchdowns.  Scoring an overtime touchdown is amazing enough, but to score two in one season is unheard of.  It gets better than that though, both were scored on interception returns, and both were scored in back to back weeks.  Week six saw Brown win the game in overtime over the San Francisco 49ers and in week seven he did the very same thing, winning the game in overtime against the Cleveland Browns.

Overtime touchdowns are very rare.  Through the 2009 NFL season, the Chicago Bears have only scored seven of them in their history.  Two of them though have been scored by Mike Brown and he did it in very memorable fashion too.

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