Who Has The Most 3,000 Yard Passing Seasons In Cincinnati Bengals History?

The typical way to judge if a quarterback had a successful season or not, other than looking at wins and losses, is by seeing how many yards they passed for. A lot of things go into whether a quarterback is successful or not, but passing yards can give a good overall look. A 3,000 yard season is a good measuring stick for a quarterback’s effectiveness.

The Cincinnati Bengals came into pro football in the late 1960’s and had a long run of down years before they approached respectability. Much of their success over the years has come as a passing team. Who then has had more 3,000 yard passing seasons for the team than anyone else?

Through the 2009 season, the Bengals have had seventeen 3,000 yard passing seasons in their history. Six of those, more than those done by any other player, were done by Boomer Esiason. He sits at the top of this category for the Bengals right now, but it may not always be that way. Sitting right behind him with four 3,000 yard seasons is the current Bengals quarterback, Carson Palmer. Most Bengals fans probably expect that one day Palmer will be the leader in this category when it is all said and done.

Three other quarterbacks have put up 3,000 yard seasons for the Bengals: Jon Kitna did it three times, Ken Anderson twice, and Jeff Blake twice.

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