Who Has The Most Career Rushing Touchdowns Against The Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are one of the most storied franchises of the National Football League. They date back to the earliest days of the NFL and they have had a number of great teams and individual players take the field over the years. The Bears have always been an impressive running team and have always exhibited a blue collar work ethic.

What about the running backs on the teams that play against them though? Who has the most career rushing touchdowns against the Chicago Bears?

The top five players when ranked by rushing touchdowns they have scored against the Bears in their career, through the 2009 season, are:

#1 – Jim Taylor – Green Bay Packers – 15

#2 – Barry Sanders – Detroit Lions – 12

#3 – Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings – 11

#4 – Hugh McElhenny – San Francisco 49ers – 10

#5 – Alan Ameche – Baltimore Colts – 9

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