Who Is The Most Sacked Quarterback In Kansas City Chiefs History?

The Kansas City Chiefs came into pro football as the Dallas Texans in 1960 as part of the American Football League. They experienced a good deal of success early on in their history and have had a number of better than average and even great seasons over the years. The Chiefs have had good quarterbacks too, often they have even been ranked among the league leaders in several categories.

Quarterback sacks is not a category that any quarterback wants to lead in, but for some it is bound to happen. Who is the most sacked quarterback in Kansas City Chiefs history though?

No Chiefs quarterback has been sacked more than fan favorite Bill Kenney. Kenney came to the team in 1980 and was the main starting quarterback for the bulk of the 1980’s, a time period when the team did not have its most successful run. Because of this, Kenny found himself on his back quite a bit and wound up being sacked more times than any other quarterback who has ever played for the Chiefs. From 1980 to 1988, Bill Kenney was sacked by the opposition’s defense 191 times.

Here are the top ten quarterbacks in Chiefs history, ranked by how many times they have been sacked.

#1 – Bill Kenney (1980-1988) – 191 Sacks

#2 – Trent Green (2001-2006) – 173 Sacks

#3 – Len Dawson (1962-1975) – 167 Sacks

#4 – Mike Livingston (1969-1979) – 152 Sacks

#5 – Steve Fuller (1979-1982) – 120 Sacks

#6 (tie) – Elvis Grbac (1997-2000) – 85 Sacks

#6 (tie) – Steve DeBerg (1988-1991) – 85 Sacks

#8 – Dave Krieg (1992-1993) – 70 Sacks

#9 – Todd Blackledge (1983-87) – 69 Sacks

#10 – Matt Cassel (2009-10) – 68 Sacks

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