Patriots vs. Eagles – Confusing Even To The Oddsmakers

In an NFL football game, usually it is odd for one team to be favored by too much more than 14 points. Oddsmakers use different formulas to come up with a point spread that entices people to bet on both teams for any given game. But, that’s all out the window for this Sunday’s Patriots vs. Eagles game.

Depending on your source, the betting line on this game favors the Patriots by anywhere from 23 to 29 points. One of the largest point spreads, if not the largest, in the history of the NFL. It’s a unique combination of a great team (Patriots) coming up against a sub-par team (Eagles), and having a coach (Belichick) who in the past has shown himself not to be shy regarding running up the score.

It’s so unusual in fact that some casinos have taken the game “off the board” and are not accepting bets at all. You know something is weird when a casino stops taking bets on anything.

But, now it’s up to see what happens on the field. Most NFL fans will tell you that anything can happen on the football field. All it takes is a freak injury or one team to play far above or below their abilities and the story can change quickly.

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