Looking At The Yearly Leader In Quarterback Sacks

Statistics for quarterback sacks have only been officially kept since 1982, so there are a lot of great defensive people left out of the picture when looking back at the history of quarterback sacks in the NFL. Here are some facts surrounding quarterback sacks.

-The fewest sacks to ever lead the league in that category was 11.5, this was done by the Minnesota Vikings Doug Martin in 1982, the first year statistics were officially counted.

-Only four players have ever led the league in sacks in more than one season, they are Mark Gastineau of the Jets, Reggie White of the Eagles, Kevin Greene of the Steelers and Panthers, and Michael Strahan of the Giants. Strahan and Gastineau did manage to accomplish this feat in back-to-back years.

-The most sacks ever recorded in once season is 22.5 by Michael Strahan of the Giants in 2001.

-The youngest player to ever lead the league in quarterback sacks was Shawne Merriman of the Chargers in 2006 when he was 22 years old.

-The oldest player to lead the league in quarterback sacks was Kevin Greene who in 1996 was 34 years old when he amassed 14.5 sacks for the Panthers.

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