Most 100 Yard Rushing Games By Decade

We just recently completed a week long series on the most 100 yard rushing games by decade.

It goes without saying that running backs are an integral part of a football game. In fact, many passing teams cannot get their offense going unless they first establish the run.

A 100 yard game is still a sign that a running back has been very successful against the opposing team. It is also true now as it was years ago that you can look back at the end of the year and see which running backs had the most 100 yard games and say confidently that those players were some of the best at their position. Looking back over a longer period of time at the leaders in 100 yard rushing games can make that picture even clearer.

Here is who we found were the league leaders in 100 yard games by decade:

1960’s: Jim Brown
1970’s: O.J. Simpson
1980’s: Eric Dickerson
1990’s: Barry Sanders
2000’s: Edgerrin James

This isn’t a purely scientific look at running back effectiveness though because by narrowing it down to decade, some players’ careers will suffer because they overlap two different ten year spans. Examples of this are Marshall Faulk who was excellent in second half of the 1990’s and the first half of the 2000’s, but barely able to tie for 10th on one of the lists.

Regardless of that, it is an interesting way to look back at some of the great running backs of the past few decades.

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