Non-Quarterback Passing Facts

Some of the most exciting plays in football are passing plays when the quarterback is not involved. This can take place under a number of different circumstances including a fake punt, fake field goal, halfback option pass, even a wide receiver or tight end can get in on the action. Here are some facts about the passing achievements of players who did not play quarterback.

Most of this information is only available for players playing since the AFLNFL merger in 1970.

-No non-quarterback has completed more passes in the NFL since 1970 than former Pittsburgh Steelers and current Washington Redskins wide receiver Antwaan Randle El. This should be no surprise considering that in college he played quarterback for the Indiana Hoosiers football team.

-The non-quarterback who has thrown the most passes (34), thrown for the most passing yards (331), thrown the most touchdowns (8), and thrown the most interceptions (6) since 1970 is Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton.

-Three players are tied for the longest career pass thrown by a non-quarterback. Gary Hammond, Arthur Marshall, and Josh Miller have all completed 81 yard passes during their careers.

-A number of players who don’t play quarterback have a 100% completion percentage because they’ve only attempted and completed one pass during their career. There are even a number of players that have a 100% completion percentage and have thrown more than one pass. But, how many non-quarterbacks have a 100% completion percentage, have completed more than one pass, and all of their completed passes have gone for touchdowns? The answer is three, they are:

Arthur Marshall – 2 for 2 with two touchdowns
Kevin Lockett – 2 for 2 with two touchdowns
Curtis Martin – 2 for 2 with two touchdowns

-Marcus Allen has been sacked more times than any other non-quarterback, during his career with the Raiders and Chiefs he was sacked six times.

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