Players Who Have Led The NFL In Interceptions In Back-To-Back Years

There are a number of statistical categories that reflect positively on a quarterback, but interceptions is usually not one of them. Leading the league in interceptions thrown in a season is not something to be proud of. Who has managed to do it two years in a row though?

NFL quarterbacks who have led the league in interceptions in back-to-back years:

Vinny Testaverde (Tampa Bay 1988, Tampa Bay 1989)
Joe Namath (NY Jets 1974, NY Jets 1975)
Norm Snead (Philadelphia 1968, Philadelphia 1969)
Joe Namath (NY Jets 1966, NY Jets 1967)
George Blanda (Houston 1962, Houston 1963, Houston 1964, Houston 1965)
George Ratterman (Buffalo 1947, Buffalo 1948)

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  1. Sven says:

    Keep in mind that before the precision offenses took hold in the 80s, interceptions were viewed differently. Less sophisticated offenses back in the day would run on first and second downs, then pass only when they needed to on third and long. Defenses sat back like outfielders waiting for the bombs Throwing a long ball up for grabs was often like a punt.

    That list is a good group of quarterbacks. All of them played at least 10 years and led the league in positive passing categories throughout their careers.

    Namath and Blanda in the 60s (AFL), and Ratterman in the 40s (AAFC) were not on NFL teams. AFL records were incorporated into NFL stats with the merger; AAFC records were not integrated into NFL records after the “merger” following the 1949 season. Ratterman’s first year in the NFL was 1950, when he led the league in TD passes …
    … and interceptions.

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