Rushing Touchdowns By Players Over The Age Of 40

Happy 40th Birthday

The bulk of the players entering the National Football League do so at the age of 22, after they finish their college careers. Some are a little bit older, some are a little bit younger, but that is where most of them fall.

The vast majority of those players do not have a career lasting into their 30’s. Most only make it a few years in fact. The better players or the players with more durability will play into their 30’s and be effective not only because of their physical skills, but also because of their experience and knowledge too.

Very few players ever play past the age of 40. This brings up an interesting question. In the history of the NFL, who has scored the most rushing touchdowns after the age of 40?

There have been eight rushing touchdowns in history by men over the age of 40, and none of them were made by running backs. All were scored by quarterbacks. These eight touchdowns were scored by three different players.

3rd Place – Warren Moon
Warren Moon was the first player to score a rushing touchdown over the age of 40 when he ran for a one yard touchdown run against while playing for the Seattle Seahawks in 1997. He was a little over two months shy of his 41st birthday at the time. This was his one and only touchdown run after turning 40.

2nd Place – Vinny Testaverde
Vinny Testaverde has three rushing touchdowns over the age of 40 to his credit. The first came in 2004 as a member of the Dallas Cowboys, it was a three yarder against the Detroit Lions. The second and third were one yard runs against the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons in 2005 while Testaverde was back with the New York Jets for the second time around.

1st Place – Doug Flutie
No player has more rushing touchdowns after the age of 40 than the always young Doug Flutie. All four of these scores came while Flutie was playing with the San Diego Chargers. The first and second came in 2003, one going for 13 yards in a win over the Minnesota Vikings and the second going for three yards in the very same game. Flutie’s third rushing touchdown over the age of 40 came on a six yard run in a loss to the Jets in 2004. His fourth and final one came in 2005 and went for one yard in a win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

It is tough for a player to even play into their 40’s, much less be effective and in a position to score. Doug Flutie though stands above all the others in this department though.

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