Some Facts About The Biggest Fumblers Ever

A few interesting facts about the players who have led the league in fumbles over the year:

Aging fumbler

    -The oldest player to ever lead the NFL in fumbles during a season is Dave Krieg who fumbled the ball 16 times as quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals in 1995.

Isn’t it the quarterback that usually fumbles all the time?

    -The last player to lead the league in fumbles and not be a quarterback was Marcus Allen who fumbled the ball 14 times while playing running back for the Raiders in 1983.

Those 1978 Cleveland Browns must’ve been fun to watch

    -In 1978, four different players tied for the league lead in fumbles with twelve. Those players were Joe Washington, Brian Sipe, Tony Dorsett, and Greg Pruitt. The more interesting part is that Sipe was the quarterback and Pruitt the running back of the same team, the Cleveland Browns.

The fewest fumbles to lead the league

    -Since the AFL-NFL merger, the lowest number of fumbles it has taken to still lead the league in fumbles has been ten. This was done in 1970 by Dennis Shaw of the Buffalo Bills and Cannonball Butler of the Atlanta Falcons, it was then tied in 1980 when Wendell Tyler of the San Francisco 49ers and Danny White of the Dallas Cowboys did it.

You think you’re the only one that can fumble?

    -In 2001, Kerry Collins led the league in fumbles with 23 while playing quarterback for the New York Giants. This set the record for most fumbles in one NFL season. The very next year this record was tied by Daunte Culpepper, the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

They dropped the ball on the field, but not on their careers

    -As of 2008 there have been eight people to lead the league in fumbles and also make the Pro Football Hall of Fame: George McAfee (1948), Bobby Layne (1949, 50), Len Dawson (1962, 64), Gale Sayers (1967), Tony Dorsett (1978), Marcus Allen (1983), Warren Moon (1984, 90), and John Elway (1991).

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