The Fastest Quarterback To Reach 1,000 Completions

One of the main jobs that a quarterback has is to successfully get the ball to the receivers down the field. The quarterbacks that put up the most completions usually benefit from not only having a good amount of talent themselves, but also having good receivers to throw to, and operating in an offense that makes good use of the passing game. Which quarterback has reached the 1,000 completion milestone the fastest?

Dan Marino reached his one thousandth completion in his 49th game. Marino is considered by many to be one of the best quarterbacks ever and was gifted with a wonderful arm and some potent receivers.

Finishing just ahead of Marino were three quarterbacks who have accomplished a great deal in the National Football League, each of them possessing a fantastic amount of talent. Drew Bledsoe, Kurt Warner, and Peyton Manning all reached their 1,000 completions in the 48th game of their careers.

But the one player to outdo them all and reach his one thousandth completion faster than anyone is Marc Bulger who did so in the 45th game of his career.

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