The Longest Pass Thrown By Someone Who Wasn’t A Quarterback

How about this for an interesting fact… what player who was not a quarterback threw the longest completed pass in the NFL? First, the information here is only complete since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger.

Next, there are actually three players tied for first place in this category with an 81 yard pass successfully completed.

-The most recent time this happened was in 2003 when Pittsburgh Steelers punter Josh Miller faked a punt and completed an 81 yard touchdown pass to Chris Hope. For Hope, a defensive back and special teams player, this is his only career reception to date.

-This also happened in 1992 when Denver Broncos wide receiver Arthur Marshall completed an 81 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Cedric Tillman.

-Gary Hammond, who saw time at both running back and wide receiver during his career, also accomplished this feat. His pass took place in a 1974 game for the St. Louis Cardinals when he hooked up for an 81 yard pass with tight end Jackie Smith.

One of these three passes is actually the answer to a really obscure question. What non-quarterback threw the longest career pass that did not result in a touchdown. That would be Gary Hammond as after 81 yards, Jackie Smith was not able to get into the end zone.

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