The Most 100 Yard Rushing Games Of The 1960’s

The 1960’s was a great decade to be a football fan. The Green Bay Packers were dominating the NFL. The American Football League was playing some of the most exciting style of football that had ever been seen. Plus, it was the decade that gave birth to the Super Bowl!

From a running back perspective, the 100 yard game has always been an accomplishment that both players and fans have focused on. During the 1960’s though, who had the most 100 yard games?

The great Jim Brown was one of the most dominant running backs the NFL had ever seen. He only played during the 1960’s from 1960 to 1965, but he ended up with 39 games where he rushed for 100 or more yards. That is way more than any other player on the list.

Here are the top ten players ranked by how many 100 yard games they had during the 1960’s:

1. Jim Brown – Browns – 39
2. Jim Taylor – Packers – 25
3. (tie) Leroy Kelly – Browns – 20
3. (tie) Gale Sayers – Bears – 20
5. Jim Nance – Patriots – 17
6. (tie) Clem Daniels – Raiders – 15
6. (tie) John Henry Johnson – Steelers – 15
6. (tie) Paul Lowe – Chargers – 15
9. Abner Haynes – Chiefs / Dolphins – 14
10. Cookie Gilchrist – Bills / Broncos – 12

Notable info:

-The only team with two players on the list are the Cleveland Browns. Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly combined for 59 total 100 yard games during the decade, the second most by any two teammates was the 21 scored by the Chargers’ Paul Lowe and Keith Lincoln.

-Five of the players on that list ended up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Jim Brown, Jim Taylor, Leroy Kelly, Gale Sayers, and John Henry Johnson.

***Look for this series to continue tomorrow with a look at: The Most 100 Yard Rushing Games Of The 1970’s

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