The Oldest And Youngest Running Backs To Run For More Than 2,000 Yards In A Season

A 1,000 yard season is a mark that almost every running back shoots for. It is a sign of being successful as well as consistent. But there are a handful of running backs who have doubled that milestone and run for 2,000 or more yards in a season.

It is common knowledge that the record holder for most rushing yards in a season is Eric Dickerson. In his second season in the league Dickerson ran for 2,105 yard for the Los Angeles Rams. This effort broke the previous record of O.J. Simpson who was the first person to break the 2,000 yard mark when he ran for 2,003 yards for the Buffalo Bills in 1973.

The youngest player to ever break the 2,000 yard milestone is in fact Eric Dickerson who accomplished this feat at the age of 24. Jamal Lewis was also 24 years old when he rushed for 2,066 with the Baltimore Ravens in 2003, but he was slightly older than Dickerson at the time.

The oldest player to make this list is Barry Sanders who rushed for 2,053 yards while playing for the Detroit Lions in 1997, he was 29 years old at the time.

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    It will be interesting to see the longevity of Tony Gonzalez. He is a vegan. Tony is 34 and still going strong, but as a tight end.

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