Two Kick Returns For Touchdowns In One Game

Returning a kickoff for a touchdown is a great way to score in an NFL game. Everyone hopes that the next kickoff is returned all the way for six points by their team. It does happen from time to time, but what doesn’t happen very often is a team returning two kicks for touchdowns in the same game.

A search through box scores going back to 1940 shows that a team has returned two kicks for touchdowns in one game just 13 times.

Some notable info:

-The Chicago Bears have done this three times and that’s more than anyone else. The first time it happened was in 1940, then again in 1952, and once more in 2006.

-It’s only happened one time on Monday night football and that was in 2006, the third time Chicago did it when they beat the St. Louis Rams 42-27.

-In a 1966 win over the Dallas Cowboys, the Phiadephia Eagles not only returned two kicks for touchdowns, they also returned a punt for a touchdown.

-Only two teams in NFL history have returned two kicks for touchdowns in a game and then end up losing that game. In 1952, the Bears lost to the Packers 41-28 and in 1998 the Ravens lost to the Vikings 38-28.

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