What NFL Quarterback Has Thrown The Most TDs By Yardage?

We had a question submitted to us regarding what quarterback has the most career touchdowns by yardage. We decided to break it down into ten yard increments. Brett Favre is the career leader in touchdown passes, so we expected to see him all over the list. Dan Marino is listed a number of times too, but there were a few surprises. So here is a look at the leaders in career touchdown passes for 0-10 yards, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, and 51 yards and longer.

0-10 Yards
Brett Favre 222
Dan Marino 188
Peyton Manning 155
Drew Bledsoe 124
Warren Moon 121

11-20 Yards
Brett Favre 118
Dan Marino 81
Dave Krieg 80
Fran Tarkenton 79
Peyton Manning 74

21-30 Yards
Brett Favre 64
Dan Marino 61
Peyton Manning 56
Dan Fouts 52
Vinny Testaverde 49

31-40 Yards
Johnny Unitas 39
Fran Tarkenton 37
John Elway 35
Brett Favre 35
Peyton Manning 32

41-50 Yards
Y.A. Tittle 28
Dan Marino 27
Joe Montana 23
Otto Graham 23
Jim Hart 22

51+ Yards
Johnny Unitas 49
John Hadl 45
Fran Tarkenton 41
Brett Favre 39
Sonny Jurgensen 38

An interesting phenomenon is that the shorter touchdown passes seem to be thrown mostly by quarterbacks from the 1980s and later, while quarterbacks from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s appear in the lists for top throwers of longer touchdown passes.

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