Who Has The Most Rushing Touchdowns By Distance?

It is common knowledge that Emmitt Smith is the career leader in rushing touchdowns scored in the NFL, but who has scored the most touchdowns by distance? A couple of weeks ago we tackled this same issue regarding what quarterback has thrown the most touchdown passes by distance. You can view that study here: Passing touchdowns by distance leaders.

The career NFL leaders in rushing touchdowns by distance:

1-10 Yards
Emmitt Smith 132
Marcus Allen 111
LaDainian Tomlinson 111
John Riggins 93
Walter Payton 84
Marshall Faulk 83

11-20 Yards
Barry Sanders 22
Walter Payton 13
Thurman Thomas 12
8 players tied with 11

21-30 Yards
Emmitt Smith 10
Tony Dorsett 8
Jim Taylor 7
6 players tied with 6

31-40 Yards
Chris Warren 7
Tony Dorsett 5
11 players tied with 4

41-50 Yards
Paul Lowe 5
Barry Sanders 5
O.J. Simpson 5
7 players tied with 4

51+ Yards
Barry Sanders 14
Jim Brown 12
Ollie Matson 8
Lenny Moore 8
Joe Perry 8
O.J. Simpson 8
Robert Smith 8

Of note:

-Chris Warren is tied for 52nd place overall in NFL history with a very respectable 52 career rushing touchdowns. Well over 50 other running backs have scored more touchdowns in their career than him, but its interesting though that he leads the league in touchdown runs in the 31 to 40 yard range.

-Barry Sanders has a seemingly insurmountable lead in touchdown runs from 11-20 yards out. His 22 touchdowns at that distance is nine more than the second place 13 put up by NFL legend Walter Payton.

-Barry Sanders leads the rushing touchdowns from 51+ yards away list too. No one else near the top of that list played in the NFL past the mid 1960s.

Again, feel free to also check out the most passing touchdowns by distance.

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