Who Has Thrown The Most Touchdown Passes In A Loss In NFL History?

Strong armed quarterbacks are worth their weight in gold to NFL franchises. Usually when a good quarterback has a great game, throwing multiple touchdown passes, the team has a great chance of winning. It is possible though to throw a lot of touchdown passes in a loss.

That got us wondering, who has thrown the most touchdown passes ever in a game that their team ended up losing?

Quarterbacks who have thrown five touchdown passes in a game and still lost belong to a small club. Through 2010, there are nine men who belong to that club: Frank Tripucka of the Broncos, Brian Sipe of the Browns, Dan Marino of the Dolphins, Peyton Manning of the Colts, Sonny Jurgensen of the Eagles, Kelly Holcomb of the Browns, Matt Hasselbeck of the Seahawks, Vince Ferragamo of the Rams, and George Blanda of the Oilers. In fact, Blanda in 1966 became the first player to do it twice during his career.

Three men though have thrown six touchdowns in a game and still managed to lose.

Charley Johnson of the St. Louis Cardinals goes 20 of 37 for 374 yards and six TDs in a 51-42 loss to the Saints.

Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins completed 30 of 50 passes for 448 yards with six touchdowns in a 51-45 loss to the New York Jets.

Carson Palmer completed 33 of 50 passes for 401 yards and six touchdowns in a 51-45 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

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