Oakland Invaders

Facts and information about the Oakland Invaders

  • Following the 1984 season and the announcement of the USFL switching to a fall schedule for the 1986 season, the Michigan Panthers merged with the Oakland Invaders.
  • During the league’s first year, the Oakland Invaders won the Pacific Division with a record of 9-9. Comparatively, the Birmingham Stallions finished the same year 9-9 and were last in the Central Division.
  • Of the 23 different team incarnations in the USFL, the Oakland Invaders were one of only six to play all three seasons of the league’s existence in their original city under their original name.
  • There was only one tie game played during the three years of the USFL’s existence and it occurred between the Oakland Invaders and the Baltimore Stars in 1985.
  • The Oakland Invaders played in the last USFL game ever played when they lost the championship game to the Baltimore Stars.
  • The Oakland Invaders roster was filled with both future and former NFL players, including; Gary Plummer, Anthony Carter, Bobby Hebert, Arthur Whittington, Raymond Chester, Albert Bentley, Ray Bentley, Dave Browning, and more.
  • After coming to the Invaders in 1985 as a result of Oakland merging rosters with the Michigan Panthers, Wide Receiver Anthony Carter set the single season receiving record for the team with 1,323 yards.
  • In 1985, Quarterback Bobby Hebert helped the Invaders reach the USFL Championship Game, he had helped the Michigan Panthers win the championship two years earlier in the USFL’s first season.
  • The Invaders had three different coaches during each of their years in the USFL; John Ralston in 1983, Chuck Hutchinson in 1984, and Charlie Sumner in 1985.

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