Philadelphia Stars

Facts and information about the Philadelphia Stars

  • Following the announcement after the 1984 season that the USFL would move to a fall schedule in 1986, the Stars moved from Philadelphia to Baltimore so they wouldn’t have to compete against the Eagles and Baltimore at the time had no NFL team.
  • The Philadelphia Stars had the best record in the league during the USFL’s first season (15-3).
  • The Philadelphia Stars had the best record in the league during the USFL’s second season (16-2).
  • At 16-2, the Philadelphia Stars of 1984 had the best record ever by a USFL team.
  • The Philadelphia Stars organization would play in all three USFL Championship Games; losing in 1983 to the Michigan Panthers, beating the Arizona Wranglers in 1984, and then beating the Oakland Invaders in 1985 (by this time the Stars had moved to Baltimore for their last season in the league).
  • Running Back Kelvin Bryant won the 1983 USFL Most Valuable Player Award.
  • In 1983, the Stars played their home games at Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium. For the 1984 season, the team again played at Veterans Stadium until late in the year they moved to Philadelphia’s Franklin Field due to scheduling conflicts with the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • The Stars team leaders in Passing, Rushing, and Receiving were the same all three years, led by Quarterback Chuck Fussina, Running Back Kelvin Bryant, and Wide Receiver Scott Fitzkee.
  • During the entire three year existence of the USFL, there was only one tie game and it occurred between the Baltimore Stars and Oakland Invaders in 1985.
  • When the Philadelphia Stars went 16-2 in 1984, their only two defeats were against the New Jersey Generals. The Stars avenged those losses by defeating the Generals in the first round of the playoffs on their way to winning the championship that year.
  • Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars Head Coach Jim Mora coached in all three USFL Championship games; losing the first in 1983 to the Michigan Panthers and then winning the 1984 and 1985 games over Arizona and Oakland, respectively.
  • Jim Mora coached Sam Mills with the Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars and then later with the New Orleans Saints as well.
  • The Philadelphia Stars were the only USFL team to win more than 40 games during the existence of the league.
  • Jim Mora, coach of the Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars, had more wins than any other coach in the USFL.
  • The Baltimore Stars played their only USFL season in 1985. The team had moved from Philadelphia following the 1984 season after the announcement was made that the league would start playing games in the fall in 1986.
  • The last player to touch the ball in a USFL game was Baltimore Stars Running Back Kelvin Bryant.

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